13 augusti 2010

andrewl.us Shmoocon 2010 Crypto Challenge Pack

Shmoocon 2010 Crypto Challenge Pack
Author: andrewl.us
Protection: GF-arithmetics, RSA, Modular-arithmetics and equation system over GF(2)

The 4th one is really tricky and can be solved in atleast two ways. See andrewl.us explanations posted after solution was posted on crackmes.de: http://rcejunk.blogspot.com/2010/08/shmoocon-2010-crypto-pack-solved.html

Generally: a really good package of different level crackmes and variations!

You can download my solution here

29 april 2010

KKR's VoLtAgE Keygenme

VoLtAgE Keygenme
Author: KKR
Protection: ECDSA-72,MD5,SHA1

Nice crackme, takes some time to fix the modded MD5 thought.. my solution is here

8 mars 2010

Happytown CrackMe 39

Crackme 39
Author: Happytown
Protection: DSA, Hash (custom?)

A very straight forward crackme using a bit odd bigint library, if anybody know the name of it please let me know. Fun crackme, my solution is here

8 februari 2010

WiteG Crackme 8

Crackme 8
Author: WiteG
Protection: ElGamal signature, RSA, Modular equation, small "cipher"

Cool all-around crackme, many different parts to solve. Nice one, my solution is here

26 januari 2010

Keygenme Tre

Keygenme Tre

Recent crackme by me, using some interesting crypto with a own written biglib. More info in the readme.

No solutions yet(except my own).

13 januari 2010

HMX0101's Cockroach

Author: HMX0101
Language: C/C++
Protection: CRC, 56bit-Cipher

This is quite a basic crackme but quite funny to reverse the cipher. Solution is here

25 november 2009

Andrewl.us SDDecoder Junior

SDDecoder Junior
Author: andrewl.us
Language: C/C++
Protection: GF(2) Equations

Very interesting one, linear system of equations over GF(2), solved using Gauss Elimination over GF(2). Plus some other GF(2) arithmetics are in the challenge. The crackme is a part of a quest to learn more about MQ schemes and eventually break SDDecoder. My solution to the SDDecoder Junior is here